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PCPRO4U Computer Repair is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service.

In-Shop Service

 Price (All part costs are in addition to labor charges)

 Diagnostic Service      FREE, $60.00 if no repair is done.
 Virus and Spyware Removal  $70.00/extensive virus removal labor extra.
 Operating System Install /Upgrade                $85.00/customer provides software, $20.00 per driver install
 Data Transfer  $30.00 per 500MB, $45.00 per 1GB.
 Data Backup     $40.00 per 500MB, $60.00 per 1GB, includes transfer media.
 Memory Install      $40.00
 Hard Drive install  $50.00 for install, partition and format. OS install extra.
 Video Graphics Card Install  $40.00
 Sound Card Install  $40.00
 PC Tune-Up  and Optimization  $50.00, includes interior cleaning of all components.
 In-Shop Hourly rate  $85.00 per hour, $50.00 per 1/2 hour
 Software Tech Support      Hourly Labor Rates Apply
 Phone Technical Support  Hourly Labor Rates Apply
 Insurance Estimate (Per Item)  $75.00, includes detailed diagnostic paperwork for insurance submittal.
 Software Install
 $20.00 per title, customer must provide legit software media.
 All in-shop services available In-Home        Charged at our In-Home Hourly Rate of $105.00/hr

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